Safeguarding Your Family’s Future with a Plan for Cybersecurity

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This is an internationally-recognized campaign first launched by the National Cyber Security Alliance and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2004. This week we’ll be sharing how you can safeguard your entire family with these cybersecurity tips. 

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Cybersecurity Tips For Parents

Children in today’s digital age are growing up with different types of technologies compared to even 10 years ago. For one, instant communication has made life simple but also complicated at the same time. 

Similar to how every child is taught to not talk or trust strangers, the same safety rule should apply in the online space.  Here are more online safety tips that should be shared with children: 

There is No “Erase” Button on the Internet

Your children should understand that any information they share with the public online can easily be copied and made into multiple copies. Once a photograph, message, or quote lands in the hands of strangers, you might never be able to erase all the copies permanently.

Treat Personal Information Like Money

Privacy is rare in this age of hyper-connectivity. Your children and their personal information and habits such as what videos they like to watch, what classes they attend, and what online games they like to play can be shared with or sold to applications, websites, and other businesses.

If you prefer to keep this information private, check out some detailed tips in our Online Privacy 101 article.

Use it Wisely

Social media platforms make it easy for children to stay connected with all their friends. However, they can also be the host of a toxic environment where children can be harassed and cyberbullied. That’s why it’s a good idea to encourage and monitor your children to use social media wisely and only for positive engagements. 

Cybersecurity Tips for Adults

If you use the internet to learn about new topics, do research, connect with friends and family or even play games, then consider these cyber safety tips below!

Secure Your Digital Devices with a Password

Do you have a tablet, computer, or smartphone? Similar to how you need to lock the front door to your house, you should also lock these digital devices with a strong password. So much personal information is stored on your electronic devices today, so it’s a good idea to keep prying eyes out.

Beware of Online Scams

The internet has made it easy for scammers all around the world to contact you and scam you out of the money in your bank account. One simple rule of thumb to follow is to ignore emails that create a sense of urgency such as ones stating you have a problem with your bank account or taxes. Test your skills with our Scam or Legitimate Quiz to see how well you can spot an online scam!

Use Different Passwords for Each Online Account

This way if there’s a data leak, the hacker cannot use the password of your leaked account to get into your other online accounts. You can also make sure your most critical accounts like your bank and emails have the strongest passphrases and two-factor authentication.

Run Regular FixMeStick Scans

Make running monthly FixMeStick scans part of your family’s routine. By running FixMeStick once a month you can ensure your computer is clean and your data is safe. Don’t wait until you have a virus to run a scan.

Have other tips for keeping your family safe online? Share them in the comments below.


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