What We Use at FixMeStick to Protect Our Cybersecurity

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This is an internationally-recognized campaign first launched by the National Cyber Security Alliance and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2004. To celebrate, this week, we will be sharing what we use at our FixMeStick office for cybersecurity.

If you missed last week’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM) article, you can check it out here to learn how you can take cybersecurity into your own hands.

This cybersecurity week, we are sharing what we use at our FixMeStick office for Cybersecurity.


Like most people today, we have a lot of online accounts at FixMeStick that need to be managed. All these accounts also need their own unique passwords as well as two-factor authentication.

We use a password manager called Dashlane to help us generate strong passwords made up of random upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and symbols.

A password manager can makes it easy to remember complicated passwords and types them in so you do not have to write them down. With Dashlane, you can also easily change the passwords to all your online accounts.

Two-factor-authentication prompts you to enter an additional code alongside your password. This code is generated on a use-by-use basis either through email or the Google Authenticator app. It adds an extra layer of protection to all our accounts, especially ones storing sensitive information.


We can’t stress enough that antivirus is a must. FixMeStick is a second line of defense but it’s important to have antivirus as well. All of our computers have McAfee Total Protection installed so we don’t have to worry about malicious attacks or unsafe downloads when we go online. McAfee is our go-to antivirus to protect us in real-time. We’re giving our customers an exclusive discount so you can protect your computers too! Check it out here.


We recommend running FixMeStick at least once a month. Forget? No problem, we’ll send you reminders each month to run your FixMeStick. We also have the same reminders for our computers in our office so they get a monthly deep clean to make sure nothing is lurking.

We use FixMeStick to ensure our office computers can get a deep clean.


Viruses are looking for tech flaws to exploit so we always update our devices and use the latest technological patches to protect our machines. We do this on our mobile devices as well.

What do you do at your office or at home to keep you and your data secure? Share them with us below!


  1. Dennis Shannon -

    I purchased a 2 pack of FIX ME Stick from The shopping channel in 2016 that were suppose to last for life and now neither one of them work anymore, very disappointed.

    • Linda -

      Hi Dennis, I checked your FixMeStick account’s scan history and it looks like you were able to run a successful scan just last month. Could you take a look at our guide for running a scan here? If you are still having issues, please email support@fixmestick.com and we’ll get back to you!

    • Linda -

      Hi Michael, that’s a great habit! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Linda -

      Hi Frank, detailed instructions for starting a FixMeStick scan can be found in the link here. We also sent a copy of this to your email.

  2. Michael J. Garin -

    The last few times I have used my Fix-Me-Stick it updated and then took only 5 minutes to say that it had scanned my computer and found no problems. This seems strange since it used to take 1.5 to 2.0 hours to scan my computer. Has my Fix-Me-Stick been compromised somehow? If so, how can I fix it on my end?
    Please advise.

  3. Lucy Havrilla -

    Thank You FixMeStick for all you do . I feel much safer knowing I run the stick and can count on you!

  4. Marguerite Moore -

    Well I have a FixMeStick for my Mac and unable to use it unfortunately. You see it’s not a LapTop there for my Track pad is only picked up when I connect it to my computer. But because my Key Board runs on Batteries it will not connect. Even with brand new batteries. So if you ever figure out how to solve this please let me know. Thank you

    • Linda -

      Hi Marguerite, thanks for letting us know. We have created a follow-up ticket for your case and you should receive a response from us in your email soon. Please email support@fixmestick.com if you didn’t receive our response!



    • Linda -

      Hi there, you can purchase SOS Online Back here. To find a retail store near you that sells FixMeSticks, use our store locator here.

  6. Martin Baer -

    I have fix me stick for a while actually I have 2 I just updated to windows. 10 to pro my computer worked better then ever no more error messages etc. A few days later I used one of my fire stick. Now my computers back to whatever It was before my update

    • Linda -

      Hi Martin, I couldn’t find a FixMeStick associated with your email address. Could you send us an email at support@fixmestick.com along with the serial number on the side of your FixMeStick so we can better assist you with this issue? The serial number should start with “FMS”. Thanks!

  7. Robert Walsh -

    I’ve had fixmestik for a while and trid it several times on my computer that just crashed do not think it ever worked would get so far and stop, have not tried it on my new computer and do not think I will I have two and only used one.

  8. Katherine Barlow -

    I purchased a fixme stick through a shopping channel and it was supposed to last for life and it stopped working a couple of years later. When you call for support they give you a lot of instructions and things to try, but they don’t work. I think instead of just sending you a new one they take you down the rabbit hole so far that you give up. Now, I wouldn’t call that good customer service at all…………..

    • Linda -

      Hi Katherine, thanks for your feedback. I understand how asking for a new FixMeStick may be the easier option when troubleshooting gets tough. Unfortunately, we do not send replacement FixMeSticks until we’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps necessary to determine the stick is defective. It is quite possible that the stick you have is perfectly fine, but that the issue is either to do with your computer, or the way that the FixMeStick and the computer interact.

      In the case that it’s not the FixMeStick that is the issue, and we sent you a new stick, we would have wasted 10 business days waiting for it to arrive, only for you to have the same problem you’re having now. If after having tried all the troubleshooting steps and we do determine that the stick is defective, we will certainly send you a replacement free of charge.

  9. Dan Ross -

    Great tips, I use dash lane also and it works great. Love the fix me stick too of course. Keep up the great work!

    • Linda -

      Thanks for your comment, Dan! Glad to see that FixMeStick and Dashlane are both working well for you.

  10. Wayne Johnson -

    Love FixMeStick ! I tried Dashlane and gave it up for a ‘bad job’! I found it frustrating to use.

    • Linda -

      Hi Wayne, thanks for trying Dashlane and sorry to see that it’s not for you. If you purchased it from our online store, we’d be happy to offer you a full refund within 45 days of purchase.

  11. Darlene Raines -

    I’d like to know if the fix me stick will still give updates to Windows 7 I have Norton 360 plus identity theft protection and is Norton enough to keep my computer safe if the fmstick doesn’t give updates to Windows 7

    • Linda -

      Hi Darlene, you can continue to use your FixMeStick on Windows 7 computers. We’ve written a detailed blog about this issue and you can read it here.

  12. Jim -

    I notice you recommend McAfee. I had 2 computers 1 Windows 7 and 1 XP at the same time. Both had McAfee and both got a virus that McAfee couldn’t fix. I tried Fix Me Stick on XP after McAfee couldn’t fix it and they didn’t leave me much of a system to even start Fix Me Stick. I now have Windows 10 with Norton & Fix Me Stick and haven’t had any problems. Do you still stand behind McAfee because I sure don’t?

    • Linda -

      Hi Jim, thank you for sharing your experience using McAfee. We have a long-time partnership with McAfee and offer FixMeStick customers a discounted price on McAfee products. I’m not sure what virus McAfee failed to remove, but do know that both McAfee and FixMeStick have a virus-removal guarantee (you just need to contact our support teams and we can even manually remove it for you for free) or you will get your money back. However, if you do feel that your computer works better with Norton then, by all means, feel free to continue using the FixMeStick and Norton to protect your computer!

  13. Ernie Duchscher -

    Hi I tried to add a 3rd laptop to my fixmestick but it will not work . Can I still install a different laptop too my system?

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