Covid-19 Cybersecurity Trivia Answers

How did you end up doing on our Covid-19 cybersecurity quiz?

If some of the questions were a bit over your head, we provided you with some detailed answers below!

Question 1: How much have Covid-19-themed cyberattack detections increased in the last part of 2020?

When it comes to calculating annual threats, cybersecurity researchers split the year into quarters and measure threats that way.

In this case, the fourth quarter of 2020 saw a 114% increase in Covid-19-themed cyberattacks! With new updates concerning vaccine rollout, it appears that cybercriminals are taking any chance they get to exploit and scam unsuspecting victims.

Watch out for a covid-19 vaccine cybersecurity attack.

Question 2: In 2020, which country had the highest malware threat detection?

If you answered the United States, then you were right!

The United States always seems to top the list when it comes to cybersecurity threats. Cybercriminals prey on those that are vulnerable and fearful, and with all that’s been happening across the world, many cybercriminals have been using Covid-19 scams to attack their victims.

Question 3: What sector was hit the hardest in 2020?

2020 saw a number of sectors increase in the number of cyberattacks they’ve had to deal with. But the business and finance sectors were definitely hit the hardest.

While agriculture industries saw a 607% increase in their cyberattacks, they only make up 7% of the total number. Business services rest at the top of the list, with software & technology and education following closely behind.

Question 4: Has the total number of threats detected on Macs increased or decreased in 2020?

Though threats detected on Macs have risen in the business sector, overall 2020 has seen a 38% decrease in Mac-based threats. This doesn’t mean that Macs don’t get viruses, but rather that they’ve been dealing with different issues, such as potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that end up slowing down your computer and displaying tons of unwanted ads.

Question 5: What is a Malware Zoo?

A Malware Zoo is pretty similar to a real-life zoo, but instead of seeing your favourite exotic animals, you get to see your favourite malware strains! Malware Zoos are found on various online databases and are essentially large collections of malware strains that are used to research and test malware capabilities. Some people even have their own Malware Zoos (though we would recommend against keeping one yourself).

Question 6: What malware caused a huge increase in Mac infections?

A handful of Mac threats have been making headlines in 2020, but the most prevalent has been EvilQuest, a type of ransomware that baffled many cybersecurity researchers.

EvilQuest (or ThiefQuest) would spread through apparently legitimate installers found on torrent sites, but those installers dropped an extra bonus of malware in addition to the expected software. Once infected, Macs would eventually start to see files getting encrypted. If you happened not to notice, the malware would display a pop-up message to let you know.

However, the ransomware side of the threat was actually just a cover-up, as the malware would instead inject malicious code into the victim’s files and effectively steal the entire computer’s data!

Question 7: What type of malware threats dominated 2020?

The most common form of computer threats is adware – a type of malware that will constantly bombard you with advertisements, redirect your browsing searches to ads, and consistently collects marketing-type data from your browsing history.

Second on the list are trojans, which is a type of malware that is often unknowingly, yet willingly, downloaded onto a users computer. These are most commonly bundled with free downloads from the internet, such as games, emails, or a disguised legitimate file.

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  1. Carol M. Hill - Reply

    I have a fixme stick that is probably 9 years old. Will it still work? I also have Norton 360. Do I still need fixme stick?

    • Jonathan - Reply

      Hi Carol,

      Good question! Yes, even if the FixMeStick is a bit older, it should still work! The most important updates happen within the scan, but if you need to upgrade your device you can follow the instructions here.

      If you have Norton 360, that’s good as well! We always suggest using both an antivirus such as Norton and your FixMeStick for maximum cybersecurity.

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