Check out the FixMeStick Special Edition at Costco (Canada only)

A Special Edition FixMeStick is now available at Costco nationwide in Canada. This Special Edition product can be used on up to 5 PCs (our standard edition is 3 PCs) and good for 2 years (standard edition is 1 year). The price is $67.99 in-store, and you can learn more about the FixMeStick here or the Special Edition FixMeStick here.

Special Edition FixMeStick Virus Removal Device¬†This deal is really worth a trip to your local Costco as you’re getting two full years of FixMeStick rather than the regular one year subscription!

Update May 2015

Almost two years later, our Costco special 2-year/5 PC sticks have over 4 stars on the Costco website reviews! If you are still interested, you can still purchase the special Costco stick on the Costco online store. Buy now!