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Ransomware: Why You Should Never Pay

Many recent ransomware attacks have caused huge disturbances, including the infamous WannaCry attack, Petya ransomware, and the most recent SamSam ransomware. “Ransomware” is an umbrella term for a group of  viruses that encrypt files of innocent people, businesses, and major corporations. Unsuspecting victims are told they can retrieve important documents by paying a “ransom,” hence the name. The FBI has released a statement letting people know that you shouldn’t fall for the “ransomware extortionists.” Unfortunately, every single day, there are cybercriminals literally profiting off of your sadness.

The Most Dangerous Computer Viruses That Wreaked Havoc On The World

The internet is infested with a magnitude of viruses and other malicious software. Most of these are relatively harmless, or easily defeated by basic firewall and anti-virus software, however, some programs have caused worldwide disruptions, infecting millions of computers, and causing billions worth of damage. Let’s discover the most effective viruses that have caused chaos around the globe.…