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The Malware Hall of Fame: The ‘ILOVEYOU’ Virus

If you’re hoping to receive a comforting Valentines Day email this year, just make sure you’re not opening the wrong one. The ILOVEYOU virus, while seemingly innocent, is by far one of the worst viruses to date. It currently holds the Guinness World Record for “most virulent virus of all time”, causing nearly $15 billion in damages!

The Malware Hall of Fame: WannaCry

WannaCry” or  “WannaCryptor” is ransomware that quickly spread to over 57000 machines in over 150 countries in just a few hours, and despite attempts to stop it, continued growing. “WannaCry” is being called the biggest ransomware outbreak the Internet has ever seen. Some are speculating it could be starting to spread again – earning it a spot in our Malware Hall of Fame. Keep reading to learn more about WannaCry and how to protect yourself.