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Should You Change Your Facebook Password? Yes!

Remember at the beginning of March when Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, talked about how he wanted to make Facebook a “privacy-focused platform“? Well flash forward to last week when Facebook announced they “found some user passwords were being stored in a readable format within [their] internal data storage systems”. Keep reading for everything you need to know about the latest Facebook mishap.

Millions of Private Medical Calls Exposed in Sweden and Why You Should Care

This past week ComputerSweden reported that a Swedish company left 2.7 million recorded calls available on an unencrypted server. The .WAV and MP3 files contained over 170,000 hours of calls to a Swedish HealthCare Guide, this is the equivalent to Phone Information Nurse in the UK or TeleHealth in Canada.

Just because you’re not in Sweden doesn’t mean you’re safe. Unfortunately, this isn’t a unique event! Reuters found the number of healthcare breaches goes up every year, with over 4.4 million records exposed in the 3rd quarter of last year alone.