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This Netflix Scam Might Be More Convincing Than You Think

If you spend a lot of time on the internet, you’ve probably seen these Netflix phishing scams.

While Netflix scams have been circulating the internet for quite some time now, this scam is deceptive enough to not only bypass spam filters but even trick some more tech-savvy individuals into parting with their credit card details.

What You Need to Know About the Latest CRA Cyberattacks

The CRA, or Canada Revenue Agency, is the victim of the latest cyberattack. On August 15, the agency confirmed that it was hit by two cyberattacks which affected thousands of online user accounts.

In response to the attacks, the Canada Revenue Agency has temporarily shut down its online services, making it impossible for anyone to apply for emergency COVID-19 benefits like CERB until further notice.

FixMeStick’s Sunday Scaries (July 19th 2020)

Hey FixMeFans and StartMeStars! We’re back with the Sunday Scaries – our way of keeping you in the loop with the latest news on malware and scams that are hitting the internet.

As COVID-19 scams continue to fall, this will be the last installment of the Sunday Scaries for the time being. However, you can continue to check our Weekly Roundups where we to post everything you need to know to stay up to date on all things cybersecurity!

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