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What You Should Know About the JBS Ransomware Attack

Meat eaters be wary! This past Tuesday, JBS, considered the world’s largest meat processing company, disclosed that it had suffered a ransomware attack, effectively halting meat production across the US, Canada, and Australia. While we don’t have a clear indication as to who is behind the cyberattack, White House Officials are currently pointing the finger towards Russian-based hackers.

But what exactly happened to JBS? Who is responsible? And does this mean for the prices of your daily produce? Keep reading to find out more.

US Cyberattack – What’s Been Happening and What You Need to Know

Recently, multiple US government agencies and thousands of individual federal and private companies have been hit by a large-scale cyberattack, resulting in one of the most serious data breaches in recent history. While sources allege that Russian state hackers were behind the attack, government officials are still wrapping their heads around the scope of the data breach as details continue to come forth daily.