Can You Spot These Antivirus Myths?

With the constant release of new malware, it’s important to equip yourself with great antivirus software. You can protect your computer from millions of threats, and get peace-of-mind. There is however some misinformation about the importance of antivirus, and just what it can do for you. Can you spot these antivirus myths? Take our quiz below and find out!

Fact or Fiction: How Much Do You Know About Antivirus?

There is a lot of misinformation about the necessity of antivirus software, and its efficacy. Can you spot the antivirus myths?

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  1. Nicole Laliberte -

    My answer to all those questions is “I don’t know” but there are no options to say so.

  2. J.Smoczyk -

    I already have McAfee , wish I had waited for your deal so I wouldn’t have to pay so much !

    • Jonathan -

      Hi there,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      With our current McAfee deal, you always have the option of purchasing the subscription, and then activating it at a later time!

      If you have any questions regarding our McAfee subscription, feel free to reach out to us at

  3. Cher Pitcher -

    I bought the 1st fix me stick a few years back-didn’t work
    Maybe a year ago I bought on HSN again-called and new received any help or call back and that one doesn’t work either.
    McAfee keeps interrupting daily with pop ups-I don’t want.

  4. Kilvy -

    I really enjoyed this quiz. I pay attention to the info sent to me by FMS. I have a functioning antivirus on my computer already.

  5. T Anderson -

    This type of questions are a good thing for any computer owner to take so one can know where their knowledge of antivirus is. Thank you fixmestick. Oh and I got a 6 out of 6. And Thank you Sofia

  6. George -

    4 out of 6, not bad but it should’ve been 6 as I didn’t read the questions thoroughly
    Nice discount deal there with McAfee but I use Talktalk’s supersafe provided by F-Secure and it gives me protection for 8 devices including tablet and mobile phones as well as banking protection and I also have my banks own protection in place for when I am doing online shopping or accessing my online bank account

  7. Jessie V FYFE -

    Just a “heads-up” for Anonymous…..I had Norton 360 for some time ( quite a while ago) and got one of the worst viruses on my computer! I dropped Norton and got McAfee instead and haven’t had any issues with it and I’ve had it for a long time now.

  8. Anonymous -

    Gloria – reply
    I surprised myself with taking this test which I thought I would not pass but to my surprise I passed all 6 questions. In the pass I did have Norton on my older laptop but decided to buy an other desktop. While downloading my files from laptop to desktop all of a sudden in large print on my desktop said there was a virus and stopped the download. I quickly get the Fix Me Stick and boy that cleaned my desktop out of this virus. I tried the new PC Matic and was happy with it at first but during my monthly Fix Me Stick suddenly a virus popped up two months in a row that was from PC Matic. I quickly discontinued the service immediately. Now looking for a virus protection. I will try McAfee now. But keeping my Fix Me Stick. Live and Learn!

  9. Robert H Elliott jr -

    maybe I will send for your software. i see you use (3) software witch is ok

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi Robert, yes the FixMeStick uses multiple antivirus engines to find the latest threats. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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