[BREACH ALERT] USPS Exposes Data of 60 Million Users

Just in time for the holidays, on November 26th, a researcher found the United States Postal Service offered a feature on their site that was less than merry. The feature exposed information of 60 million users for an undisclosed amount of time. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

What happened?

An anonymous researcher showed anyone logged into USPS’ InformedDelivery system (to track and view your mail before it arrives) was vulnerable. The users of this system could effectively view any other user’s requests and tracking. USPS finally patched the flaw, but there remains no recognition of the breach on their site.

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What data was leaked?

To access InformedDelivery you have to create a user account. Vulnerable data leaked included usernames, user IDs, email addresses, account numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and real-time data. Yes, this means online thieves might intercept your physical packages. Following the Amazon mishap, it seems logistics companies are going through a rough patch this holiday season.

Hacker News reported the researcher had actually flagged this security flaw last year but USPS did nothing about it.

What can you do?

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