Booked A Trip Lately? You Need To Be Aware Of This Data Breach

On June 14th hackers gained access to a French scheduling software called FastBooking via an application flaw. They installed malware and stole swathes of personal information about hotel guests. FastBooking identified the malware on their server on June 19th and the breach was patched that evening, but not before personal information was compromised. Keep reading for everything you need to know. 

Japanese Prince Hotels and Resorts was the first chain to notify guests of this data breach with the following release on their website. In their initial statement Prince Hotels said 124,000 of their guests were affected. Of that 67,000 had cardholder names, numbers, and PINs stolen. While others have had their personal information compromised.

Impacted resorts had different types of data stolen and there’s speculation the tally of hotels affected is well over 1,000.

Thus far FastBooking hasn’t released an estimated number of hotels or guests this breach impacted. Also lacking from their site is an apology or transparent report of what happened.

What To Do Now That You Know There Was A Breach: 

Inform yourself! Know which hotels were impacted by this data breach so you won’t be fooled by phishing emails that are released after these attacks.

Check with your bank accounts and ensure there’s no unusual activity. You might want to change your cards if you’ve been staying at hotels recently, just in case.

Secure your accounts by changing your passwords. Use Dashlane, a password generator to produce complex, unique passwords without the stress of remembering them. You can try out Dashlane for free here.

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