Our Black Friday Gift Guide is Here!

Whether you’re buying something to keep yourself secure or maybe it’s a gift for that friend who seems to have it all – we have you covered with our Black Friday Gift Guide! Check out our favourite products and the best FixMeDeals of the season below.

System Mechanic

Do you want your computer to be faster? We have a solution!

Having a slow computer can be extremely frustrating. If your computer takes twenty minutes to turn on and even longer to open a browser we have a solution! System Mechanic fixes and speeds up your PC automatically. Their patented performance technology fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes to restore maximum speed, power, and stability.

It’s like you have a brand new, fast computer with just a few clicks and at a fraction of the cost. For a limited time we’re giving all our customers 50% off System Mechanic — click here!

The best part? This Whole Home License® can be used on all your home PCs so everyone can enjoy a fast computer. It works with Windows® 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and XP/Vista up to v16.0.0.10. Who’s computer would you use System Mechanic on first?

FixMeTip: For additional tips on how to speed up your slow computer, click here!


Give peace-of-mind knowing your data is always private with NordVPN!

With everything that’s been going on lately it’s normal to be a little worried about our online privacy. In today’s digital age our personal information is more valuable than ever which means we need to take steps to protect it.

With NordVPN, all your online traffic flows through a hack-proof, encrypted tunnel so no one can see through the tunnel and get their hands on your Internet data. NordVPN gives you peace-of-mind each time you use the Internet. It’s all you need for a better online experience:

  • Know you’re secure online – no matter what
  • Know that your data is always private
  • Enjoy the Internet with no restrictions
  • Feel safe on all your devices
  • And free 24/7 assistance with their award-winning customer service

Right now, you can save 70% when you secure 6 devices for 3 years. Try it here!

McAfee Total Protection

Be ready for holiday shopping season with award-winning protection!

Do you know someone who is always complaining about computer viruses? Maybe you’re worried about viruses lurking on your computer? Or maybe you want to be ready and protected for the holiday shopping season? McAfee Total Protection is the solution for you!

McAfee Total Protection is your first line of defense to protect you, the FixMeStick is a once-a-month deep clean. For double-layered protection, we recommend both! McAfee Total Protection is more than just antivirus software:

  • Award-winning virus protection
  • Multi-device protection
  • Home network protection
  • Web protection
  • Identity theft protection
  • And much, much more!

This is our best price of the year! Save BIG because you’re a FixMeStick customer. Check out the deal here – hurry this won’t last forever!

SOS Online Backup

Save yourself the stress and back up your computer files today!

If you are worried about losing the files on your computer from a damaging accident like a coffee spill, theft, or even ransomware then consider getting SOS Online Backup. It backs up all your files into a secure and encrypted online cloud where you can access it on any computer with an Internet connection.

Try our special offer for SOS Online Backup today! You’ll receive 100GB of Storage Space for 1 year – that’s about 33,000 pictures and you can use it on up to 5PCs or Macs, unlimited mobile devices, and receive free customer support 7 days a week!

FixMeTip: this makes a great gift for someone that is always glued to their computer files or loves taking photos!


Raise your hand if you can’t remember all your passwords?

Everyday it seems like there is another data breach and more emails urging you to update your passwords. Disney+ accounts were hacked hours after the streaming platform was launched. So how can you protect yourself and your accounts?

Strong, unique, complex passwords for every account. That means each and every account you have online should have a unique password. But how do you possibly remember all of those? A password manager!

With Dashlane, you’ll never forget another password! It helps create and remember strong and unique passwords for all of your online accounts. Save when you try Dashlane today!

We use all these products in our office and know you’ll love them! Have a question about anything? Leave it in the comments below. Happy Shopping!


    • Linda -

      Hi Van! Keep an eye out on our newsletters for more upcoming FixMeStick deals!

  1. Russ Traver -

    Please do not renew my fix me stick. I have gone over to AVG for my needs.
    Thank you.

    • Linda -

      Hi Russ, we’ve also sent you a follow-up email to confirm your cancellation. Do note that we actually recommend using the FixMeStick in partnership with an antivirus program. The FixMeStick does not provide ongoing protection; it is a tool that can be used to remove viruses that have already attacked the computer. Antivirus software such as AVG can prevent viruses from getting on your computer, while the FixMeStick can scan and clear viruses that antivirus software can’t reach.

    • Linda -

      Hi Jim, yes, the hack was actually discovered back in 2018 and has been fixed. We’ve provided more information about the hack in this blog here.

    • Linda -

      Hi Brian, thanks for reading our blog! Keep an eye on our newsletters for upcoming deals on FixMeStick!

  2. eddie levin -

    Hello and Happy Thanks Giving,
    I understand that my subscription is coming up soon and I like to ask a few questions:
    My Drive Stick fell apart from the backside – can I get a new one?
    I have a brand new and latest model PC, and when I try to scan my computer, it messaging me all those “3 attempts” which I hate (sometimes it takes 5) – do you have a new version?
    What is the renew price and how to go about it?

    you very much for a great product and Happy Holidays,

  3. Otis Moreland -

    Black Friday would be a good time for a good deal to renew our FixMeSticks
    $19.95 to $24.95 sounds good.

    • Linda -

      Hi Otis, we encourage you to look for the best Black Friday deals you can find on the FixMeStick!

  4. Sheri -

    the $50 a year I’m with Otis on this one I can’t afford the 50 so it would be wonderful to get it for $20

    • Linda -

      Hi Sheri, multiple retailers may have different discount prices on FixMeStick on Black Friday. Feel free to check our website on Black Friday or head to your closest retailer to take advantage of discount prices!

  5. David Black -

    I have a Dell refurbished laptop, which crashed and I can’t restart in
    any mode, including repair disc, which says not needed. If my hard
    drive is not complete toast, would your fixmestick let me restart my
    computer, or is there another product that might?
    I am using Win7Pro and IE11. Any way to call and talk to a rep. would
    really be helpful. I am 80 and not the smartest tech. guy.
    Thank you.

    • Linda -

      Hi David, the FixMeStick is designed to remove hard-to-find viruses on functioning computers. It cannot fix any other computer issues like hardware issues.

      We just launched a new product called StartMeStick that is designed to give life to non-functioning computers. You can learn more about this product here. We also sent you an email follow-up about this from support@fixmestick.com.

    • Linda -

      Hi Deanna, thanks for your interest! The FixMeStick is not designed for iPads, but we do recommend using McAfee to protect mobile devices like your iPad.

  6. Robert -

    I’m not impressed in the slightest. The Fix-me-stick page for Dashlane says ‘Buy Now.” and I did – I just PURCHASED Dashlane. Once it was all installed I find out I did not purchase anything. It’s only a one year subscription. If I spend all the time setting it up to save all my passwords, I must now pay whatever fees you want, every year, or loose all the passwords I saved. How is this user friendly? It also seems the passwords are all stored in the cloud so not very secure and available to anyone if the subscription is not renewed. Talk about a Black Friday scam!!!!!!

    • Linda -

      Hi Robert, I understand how it may be disappointing to find out Dashlane is on a subscription basis. But do understand that while there are software available on a one-time purchase, these software may not provide the support and security to meet the standards of the ever-changing software industry. When you pay a subscription to a software, you will receive support through software updates and security patches as well as pay the engineers and support team who will always be there to help you out. To learn more about why some software require a subscription click here. As for the passwords on Dashlane, I can assure you your master password is not stored in a cloud. To learn more about Dashlane’s security standards, click here.

  7. James Crookston -


    I notice that you offer Dashlane password manager. I also understand that this is a cloud based service.

    My question is, if virtually anything can be hacked into these days, what makes Dashlane’s cloud impervious to attacks? If a hack is successful, then potentially, all of your passwords could be stolen from their cloud database. Complete and utter disaster! Why should anyone trust a remote based password manager if skilled hackers
    can break in?

    James, Toronto

    • Linda -

      Hi James, thank you for your interest in Dashlane. Dashlane does not transmit your master password – which is the main password used to unlock all your other passwords over the internet. When you subscribe to Dashlane, it also ensures all of Dashlane’s products are audited regularly and by different security auditors. We also recommend using two-factor authentication on your important accounts to add an extra layer of protection. To learn more about Dashlane’s security features, click here.

    • Linda -

      Hi Bob, you can click on the text “Try it here” to see the pricing of these products.

  8. Gary Stothers -

    How can I upgrade my current Fix me stick. I believe my suscription has expired as the program will not start up as it used to.

    • Linda -

      Hi Gary, to better assist you with this issue we’ve sent you some troubleshooting steps to your email address. Please check your email, thanks!

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