This New Ransomware Will Wreck Havoc On Your Files

On August 22nd Malware Hunter flagged a strange new ransomware. All the file properties are named “Barack Obama’s Everlasting Blue Blackmail Virus”. Read on to know what to look for.

The Barack Obama Everlasting Blue Blackmail Virus identifies and encrypts only executable (.exe) files on your computer. This way it halts antiviruses like McAfee from working.

Not only does the ransomware disable your antiviruses, it goes after Windows executable files which messes with your operating system. It also tampers with your computer’s registry keys, modifying them so they trigger the virus.

A ransomware message then pops up with a picture of Barack Obama threatening that all of your files will remain encrypted if you don’t email them for more information and pay the ransom. Apart from it’s bizarre name, this hack obviously has no affiliation with the 44th President.

It is currently unknown how this Barack Obama ransomware is distributed and if the patriotic hack will indeed decrypt your files after you pay the ransom. As always be wary of phishing or any links that come from suspicious email addresses.

Keep your computer and your files safe:

  1. Don’t pay the ransom. Often it is not a guarantee you’ll get your files back and then you’ve just funded cyber criminals.
  2. Backup your important memories. Ransomware is scary only if you don’t have your files backed up somewhere. Take advantage of our deal on Picture Keeper today and backup your memories.
  3. Run a FixMeStick scan. FixMeStick cleans your computer while it’s operating system is off to detect and prevent the spread of such ransomware.

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