Should You Back Up Your Computer?

If you are like most computer owners these days, you’ll have numerous files, pictures, and documents stored on your computer’s hard drive. Items like you tax documents, bank statements, and digital pictures may all have a permanent home on your computer.

But when was the last item you backed up the important files, documents, and pictures on your computer?

Reasons to Back it Up

One of the main reasons to back up your computer is to save yourself the stress, anxiety, and hassle of having to recover the files on your computer after a potential data loss. If you have valuable tax documents, digital family pictures and other meaningful files, it’s wise to take the necessary steps to protect them.

Have a habit of placing your drink next to your computer? Then consider backing up your files in case of an accidental spill.

Here are some other reasons why you should back up your computer files:

  • Computer Theft – Do you take your computer to public places like the bus, a cafe, or the local library? Consider backing up your files because losing an entire laptop to theft means you might never get those files back.
  • Computer Crashes & Damages – Computer crashes and damage tend to come at the most unexpected times. Let’s say you are drinking your morning coffee and typing away on your computer. What happens if you accidentally spill your coffee onto your computer?
  • Ransomware – We’ve talked about ransomware before – basically, they’re aggressive viruses that put a lock on your files, requiring you to make a payment before they’re unlocked. (FixMeTip: we recommend never paying after a ransomware attack). While FixMeStick can remove these viruses, it will not unlock or decode your files.
  • Hard Drive Failure – hard drives serve as the home for most of the files on your computer. They have a limited lifespan and can fail suddenly. The sudden loss of a hard drive can result in the total loss of all your files if you do not have them backed up in another place.

How To Back Up Your Computer

Backing up your computer simply means you always save a copy of your files in a different location than your computer. That way this backup copy of your files is accessible in case your original copy is lost. There are different ways to do this.

Some factors to consider when choosing the best way to back up your data are durability, speed, and portability.. For example, if you purchased an external hard drive to store your data, it might be very durable but not as portable. You might damage it during transportation, or even misplace it after moving to a new home.

At FixMeStick, we recommend backing up your files online in a secure online cloud storage system. You might be asking, what do you mean by cloud? In simple terms, the cloud refers to storing and accessing data and program over the Internet instead of them saved on your computer’s hard drive.

If I have Windows, is System Restore the same thing?

As we mentioned a backup is a copy of your files that is stored in a separate location, external to your computer’s hard drive. It is used to back up your actual files and photos.

A system restore happens automatically on your computer’s operating system – it is internal. If something happens to your physical computer a system restore won’t be able to help you. Further, a system restore tends to be used for your Windows registry, so you can put it back to an earlier date.

What about if I have a Mac?

If you have a Mac they have a feature called Time Machine, that automatically backs up all of your files, including apps, music, photos, email, documents, and system files. Learn more about that here.

In Conclusion…

You never know what’s going to happen to your computer. Click here for more tips on how to back up your computer. You can be extra careful but accidents happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Want to share with us your tips on how you keep your data safe? Share them with us in the comment section below!


  1. Sonya - Reply

    Hi i deaf . My computer Lenovo desk all in one 5 years later what happen slow and lost few files , pic , etc . I not afford get fix that . Same my tablet samgung too , my cellphone samgung lost like same thing missing. Not let back up or done lost ..


  2. Ray Carnovale - Reply

    Backing up to the cloud is a simple, automatic, and effective way of preserving data files and some program files. But I would recommend supplementing this with an occasional total image backup to a portable hard drive using the Windows 7 recovery tool (within the Windows 10 backup options under “settings”.

    The image backup will restore everything, including all applications, hidden files, registry data, etc. It will avoid having to re-install applications. This can be very tedious especially when installation keys (which may have been replaced) are required.

    If an image backup is created, at least all applications and data up to the point that the image was created can be restored in some simple step. The cloud data can then be used to add any new files, or overwrite any old files which may have been updated in the interim.

  3. Doris Evelle - Reply

    I’m a senior and I read it all but really did not I understand a lot of it. I back up on a USB stick for now. Maybe if I understood “the cloud” more I might consider it. Right now it’s all Greek to me.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Doris, cloud storage is a method of file storage where your data is uploaded online. Hope this helps!

  4. Angela Entwistle - Reply

    What happens to my back up pictures if I don’t renew after my year up?

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Angela, good question. According to the FAQ page of SOS Online Backup’s parent company, Infrasacle, any data that you did not manually delete will remain on the SOS Online Backup servers after you cancel your account. However, this data is usually purged after 90 days but they may also be purged at any time within the 90 days timeframe.

  5. Barbara A Howlett - Reply

    When I did the last Fix me stick operation, you advertised a program that would speed up my computer. So I bought it “System MEchanic”. I ran it but do not see any improvement. Now they keep sending me emails wanting me to “upgrade to a more expensive program. Is this a scam company? Please advise BArbara Howlett

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Barbara, thanks for trying System Mechanic! If you have a lot of junk files on your computer, then System Mechanic would have made a difference in your computer’s speed. I can assure you that iOLO, the parent company for System Mechanic, is not a scam company. We have worked with them for a while and we like their products. If you do not want to receive emails from System Mechanic, you can unsubscribe to their marketing emails by clicking on “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of their emails. You can also email them back to tell them you would like to be removed from their mailing list. Hope this helps!

  6. Vi - Reply

    Wow, thanks for the very informative blog. I don’t have anything backed up and if my computer crashes, gets malware or whatever happens to it, all my photos and files will be lost forevermore.

    I will check out SOS Online Backup but wanted to know if they can be hacked too. No one thought Facebook, Equifax, and other high profile companies and banks would be hacked and yet they were.

    If you have information on what systems are in place at SOS Online Backup to prevent hacking, I would appreciate it.

    • Linda - Reply

      H Vi, with SOS Online Backup you can choose to set up a private encryption key to add an extra layer of protection. This will ensure that your files will only be accessible to those with your decryption password. No one, including hackers, will be able to access your files unless they have your decryption password.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Anna, with our special discount, you can subscribe to the SOS Online Backup service for one year at $34.99. That’s $2.92 per month! Click here to access our special price.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Lisabeth, you can protect your Outlook files using SOS Online Backup. Click here for video instructions on how to do this.

      • Linda - Reply

        Hi Darlene, if your computer crashed due to a virus, then FixMeStick will find and remove this virus for you. It will not fix any pre-existing issues on your computer that are unrelated to viruses.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Ben, that’s a good point. We’ve addressed some common signs that you might see when your computer is hacked in a previous blog post. You can read it here.

  7. Michael Marks - Reply

    On your opening page, second sentence and word ten has a mistake I believe , I hope I’m wrong and not FixMeStick , thank you for all of the things that you’ve already have provided me!

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Glenn, that’s a good question. With SOS Online Backup you can choose to set up a private encryption key. This means your files will only be accessible to those with your decryption password. No one, including hackers, will be able to access your files unless they have your decryption password.

  8. DB - Reply


    • Linda - Reply

      Hi DB, unfortunately, we do not have any offers for external hard drives or thumb drives at the moment. However, with SOS Online Backup you can choose to set up a private encryption key. This means your files will only be accessible to those with your decryption password.

  9. Louise Human - Reply

    Hi, I have a couple of old pc s, does stuff get corrupted somehow if I don’t use my pc? They’ve been unused for several years.
    What’s the best way to clean up a hard drive before disposal?

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Louise, if there is no hardware damage, you should still be able to access files on your old computers. To clean up a hard drive before disposal, I’d recommend following these detailed steps outlined here,

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Janet, to help you get a better idea of how to use the SOS Online Backup cloud, you can watch a short video linked here.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Edmond! Unfortunately, our discount offer with SOS Online Backup is only for 100GB of storage. If you would still like to try it, I would recommend selecting the most important pictures to back up instead of backing up all of them.

  10. Sheila - Reply

    I don’t understand the cloud storage for instance how do you access the cloud when you want to look at your photos again?

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Sheila, when you back up your files in a cloud, you are simply creating a copy of it in the cloud. To restore a file from the cloud, you will need to follow the instructions in the SOS Online Backup User Manual found here.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Dale! To back up your computer to a USB, you’ll have to manually copy and paste everything into the USB. Here’s a video guide on how to do this.

  11. Steven Mason - Reply

    A subject you covered earlier would be nice to revisit. It deals with not just that you found a virus and deleted it, but that we can see on our PCs what the name of the virus was and what areas it might have already attacked. I suspect that removing a virus might still leave data changed or manipulated before the removal. Please remind us what files a virus was trying to attack. Thank You.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Steven, thanks for your comment. We assume you are referring to this page here. We’ll look into this and consider any updates to these online guides accordingly!

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Jesse, as tablets and smart phones become more advanced and receive widespread adoption, we know that there will be an increasing demand for a compatible version of the FixMeStick. Creating this version is definitely something we have on our to-do list, but for the immediate future we want to focus on our core products.

      In the meantime, here is an articles on our website that detail how to manually clear settings on your tablet:

  12. Elena - Reply

    I bought Fix Me Stick in HSN. After more than a year. I cannot reboot and start. What happen? The guest host said I can use that for lifetime, do I have to register again or buy?

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Elena, looks like your FixMeStick just requires some troubleshooting! We’ve reached out to you via to better assist you with this issue. Please check your email!

  13. John Nicholson - Reply

    Is the discount for SOS Online Backup good for one year, and then they would revert to the $80 charge? Would FixMeStick customers get an ongoing discount or is this a one time only offer?

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi John, yes that is correct. Currently, FixMeStick customers can take advantage of this discount for one year only. However, it’s possible we may get more discount codes for customers for future years. Stay tuned to our newsletters to find out!

  14. Anonymous - Reply

    I bought Cloud back up and do not have Lic #. Have not received any e-mails with info ????

    • Linda - Reply

      Sorry to see that you haven’t been able to use your SOS Online Backup purchase. We can definitely help! Since you didn’t leave your email address with your comment, I am unable to locate your FixMeStick account to help you look up your License Number. Could you send an email to We would be able to help you from there. Thanks!

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