The Ultimate Back To School Checklist To Protect Your Children From Malware Threats This Fall

Just like every other aspect of our lives, computers are being tied into our education more than ever. Students take notes on laptops and tablets, and even the younger levels have “take-home devices” or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) days for homework assignments. It’s important to ensure your child knows what security measures to take, online and offline, for their safety this fall. Get ready for back to school and make sure FixMeStick is an active part in their security! Keep reading to find out why.

Getting Started with Supplies

The back-to-school list is endless, but keep these key tips in mind when getting your child’s tech supplies ready for the fall:

  • New laptop – if you’re shopping for a new laptop this fall pay attention to too-good-to-be-true online sales through third-party advertisers. Software program and computer deals will often appear online through social media, but many of these are scams. Be cautious when proceeding – if the deal seems far too cheap to be real, then it probably isn’t!
  • Smart use of smartphones and tablets – when considering purchasing your child a smartphone or tablet, ask yourself this question: “What are they using it for?” The internet that they are accessing on these devices is the same as on a computer. Ensure they are using only trusted programs and applications, and staying smart and savvy on social media.
  • Physical laptop security – consider a cable lock and USB port blocker – this will protect the laptop from thieves gaining access to your system, if it should happen to get into the wrong hands. The largest data breaches actually happen when a thief has access to your entire system – and what easier way than directly through the device itself?
  • Download McAfee to have a strong antivirus – McAfee Total Protection provides cross-device security for the devices connected to your home network. Not only will the firewall protect your children while they’re surfing the web, but you will be able to set parental controls on the network to limit specific website-use for their safety. Click here to purchase McAfee Total Protection today!
  • Use a FixMeStick – build in the habit early of running a regular FixMeStick scan with your kids. This will teach them that anti-malware security is about consistency, ensuring their device is secured, and you child is safe from malicious threats.

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