Ask FixMeStick: Answers to Five Common Tech Questions

Technology moves at a rapid pace – trust us when we say it can be a bit difficult to keep up with all the comings and goings of the tech world. Whether it’s a new security update, or trying to figure out what tech product is best, navigating through the endless websites and forums to find an answer can seem like a nearly impossible task.

That’s why the FixMeStick team is here to lend a hand!

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In order to provide the best advice for our customers, we asked some of our FixMeStick team members for their answers to common tech questions. Our team all has the same priorities in mind – keeping their computer (and yours!) as safe and secure as possible.

With that being said, keep reading to find the answers to some of the most common tech questions!

1. How common are scams (ie: fake Amazon emails, fake virus popups, calls from Microsoft, etc.) and how do I deal with them?

Linda: You probably recognize Linda from our frequent newsletters and promotions! Linda plays a huge role on the marketing team for FixMeStick, making sure all our customers are up to date on FixMeStick news and deals.

“Most of the scams I see in my emails are in the form of junk mail or emails from scammers pretending to be big companies like Amazon. Luckily my email filters out a lot of these so they end up going to my spam, but occasionally one does land in my inbox. I usually delete them right away while making sure I don’t click on any links.

Always check the email address to see if it’s from a legitimate company like Often you’ll see a random email address and then you’ll know for sure it’s spam.

I also get scam calls quite often, I usually block the number right after. Usually if it’s a call from a phone number I don’t recognize, I’ll decline it and let it go to voicemail.”


FixMeTip: Scams come in a bunch of different forms, but the most popular are through email, phone-call, and pop ups. It’s important to keep in mind that companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft will never contact you out of the blue to ask for personal information.

If you’d like to learn more about phishing scams, you can check out our article here, or even brush up on your internet safety with our handy guide!

2. What should I do for virus protection?

Judy: When she’s not providing top-notch customer support, Judy is often working in our finance and accounting department. If you’ve run into any issues with your billing, it’s likely Judy that has lent a helping hand in the issue.

“I install updates for everything all the time, use antivirus software (McAfee LiveSafe), use an adblocker (Adblock Plus), run FixMeStick once a month, and only open suspicious programs/documents/attachments on a virtual machine.

As long as you take the right precautions, you never have to worry too much about viruses on your computer.”


FixMeTip: Antivirus software does a great job to stop most viruses from getting on your computer. Paired with the FixMeStick to remove any stubborn threats, your computer will be safe and secure!

At FixMeStick, McAfee Total Protection has always been our go-to antivirus software, as it’s always cited as among the best antivirus protection programs on the market today. Plus, we offer a pretty substantial discount for our FixMeStick customers.

Click here to check out McAfee Total Protection and get over 65% off your purchase.

3. Should I use MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)? If so, why?

CairoInitially starting in customer and technical support, Cairo is also responsible for a number of marketing projects and design.

“I use MFA in the off chance that a website I have an account with has a data breach, or if I lose one of my devices.

MFA allows me to double the security of any account I have it set up with. It also allows me to use a temporary one time password if I can’t remember one on the spot. Using MFA assures that no one else will be able to log into my accounts using stolen login info, or a stolen device.”


FixMeTip: Multi-factor authentication is one of the most underrated ways to secure your accounts. When you only use a single password for your accounts, it means that hackers only needs to breach one password to gain access to all your information.

At FixMeStick we use MFA every day to access our accounts – even if our password is compromised, hackers still need to bypass other several other layers of security. If you’d like to read more into MFA and it’s cybersecurity uses, check out our article here!

4. What web browser should I use?

Laura: If you’ve ever run into any daunting technical issues with your FixMeStick, Laura has likely been there lending a hand. Acting as the supervisor for our support team, Laura is responsible for making sure our customer support is the best it can be.

“I use Chrome, mostly because I find it the easiest to navigate because of the user-friendly platform, also because all of my email accounts are G-mail and it’s easy to use Chrome so that all of my documents, emails and other various files are in one place (because I use Google Drive).

It’s also similar to the web browser in the StartMeStick so it’s super easy to go between my regular operating system and the StartMeStick OS.


FixMeTip: While Google Chrome is definitely among the top browsers to use, each browser has its own pros and cons. For example, while Chrome is fast and user-friendly, Mozilla Firefox (another dependable browser) is great for privacy and security.

The only browser we don’t recommend is Internet Explorer – though Internet Explorer is a staple among older Windows computers, many websites do not support it, and especially since Microsoft is ending support by next August, it’s definitely time to make the switch to a new browser.

5. What’s better an Apple Mac or Windows PC?

Michael: One of our newest FixMeStick customer support teammates, Michael is constantly providing stellar support for our customers. When not helping with support, Michael typically assists in other forms of administration efforts for the team!

“Personally, I choose PCs because you can get much better hardware for the same price as a Mac. Macs usually ship with hardware that is already dated, unless you’re getting a top of the line model which are usually super expensive.

Macs are typically better for less advanced users (as long as you’re willing to swallow the price tag) while PCs are better for advanced users who have spent time getting to know their way around Windows. If you are willing to spend some time and effort getting to know how a PC works, you can save a lot of money, but I understand that people who want less hassle might choose to stick with a Mac.”


FixMeTip: When it comes Mac or PC, it really comes down to personal preference! As Michael mentioned before, Macs are great for those looking for a more simple, user-friendly experience – though they come with their own issues as well, as Macs are a “what you see is what you get” type of product.

Conversely, PCs tend to be less expensive though a bit more complex than your typical Mac. However, this means that you can more freedom with your PC, so long as you know how to use it!

Due to Covid there is currently a laptop shortage in many places. If you can’t find an affordable laptop right now, try the StartMeStick. It breathes a new life into your old computers so you can save money and continue using your current computers.

When it comes to technology of the modern age, FixMeStick is constantly trying to find new ways to make sure you and your computer are as secure as they can be.

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      Hi Tony, Microsoft Edge is a great browser as well. If you use the latest updated version of Microsoft Edge, it should give you a great browsing experience.

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