Anna Kendrick is Considered 2020’s Most “Dangerous” Celebrity – Here’s Why

While at first glance Anna Kendrick may not seem all too dangerous, McAfee’s “most dangerous celebrities” list begs to differ, placing the star at the top of their ranking. Although Kendrick, known for her roles in movies such as Pitch Perfect and 2020’s Trolls World Tour, definitely doesn’t fit the bill for a stereotypical dangerous celebrity, according to McAfee it’s her presence on the internet that really seals the deal.

Anna Kendrick pictured with Justin Timberlake (who finds himself at #5 on the list)

Anna Kendrick’s high placement on this list is simply because of how many malicious results her name brings up on the internet. To come up with their “most dangerous celebrities” list, McAfee keeps track of the celebrity search terms that are most likely to result in malicious content or phishing scams. And as governments continue to urge individuals to stay home amidst the COVID-19, more people are flocking online to consume their movies – and cybercriminals have taken notice.

With a 25% increase in internet usage since March, the internet has become a form of refuge for movie watchers, and while streaming services are increasing in popularity, so are more dangerous alternatives, such as torrenting and free movie sites.

And as more people move online for their movies, more malicious content begins popping up as well. 2020 has seen a huge rise in ransomware, which when compared to the rise in internet usage, is definitely a notice for concern. While there’s nothing wrong with streaming your favourite movies and music from secure sites, the moment you stray into the realm of torrenting and browsing unsecured sites you begin to gamble with your cybersecurity.

Keeping your computer safe and secure

Rather than risk your computer’s security by haphazardly clicking on potentially malicious links, let us help you maximize your cybersecurity know-how so you can stay protected against any malicious content on the web (no matter how many times you search ‘for free Anna Kendrick movies‘).

  • Be Wary of What You Click – with malware as sophisticated as it is today, the worst thing you can do is click on random links and sites. When it comes to streaming your music and movies, we recommend only following links from secure websites and avoiding third-party websites that will infect your computer and steal your information.
  • Avoid Illegal-Streaming Websites – Illegal-steaming websites are a bit like the wild west – one wrong move and your computer is done for. Illegal-streaming sites are usually full of malware and malicious links, and while you may think you’re downloading the latest Survivor episode, you’re actually downloading malware that steals your credit information.
  • Use a Reputable Antivirus – Having the necessary knowledge to protect yourself is one thing, but having dependable antivirus protection is another. Having a solid antivirus program, such as McAfee Total Protection, is probably your best bet for protecting your computer against malicious links and sites.

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  • If You Think You’ve Been Infected With a Virus, Use the FixMeStick – Malware can find a way onto your computer, no matter how vigilant you are. If you think you’ve been infected, your best option is to run a FixMeStick scan, making sure your computer is safe and secure from the latest threats.

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As new threats continue to pop up day to day, the best thing you can do is stay updated with your cybersecurity. While you may be excited about the new Anna Kendrick movie, make sure to use some of our internet safety tips before diving headfirst into malicious content – you never know what threats may be lurking ahead.

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