Amazon Prime Day 2019

If you haven’t heard, Amazon’s Prime Day is July 15th and 16th this year. Last year 100 million products were sold in 36 hours, think of it like Black Friday in July. With the growing popularity of Prime Day, scammers are ready to take advantage of the increase in traffic. We want to make sure our customers stay safe while snagging the best deals so we’re sharing our tips for staying safe while shopping online.

First of all, what is Prime Day?

Amazon’s Prime Day originated in 2015. It was created to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary. Originally, major deals were only offered on Amazon products. But fast forward several years and now many brands are getting in on the action.

Remember – Amazon’s Prime Day deals are only available for those with a Prime subscription. So consider purchasing your very own Amazon Prime subscription that allows you to enjoy fast and free deliveries, free entertainment like music, videos, and books, and more!

But don’t worry! Whether you are a Amazon Prime member or not, everyone can enjoy Amazon deals here.

7 Tips To Stay Safe While Shopping Online

FixMeTip 1: Use Familiar Websites – you’re sure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list at Amazon! Plus a lot of major retailers like Target, Walmart and Best Buy are competing with Amazon this year.

FixMeTip 2: Avoid Public Computers – when shopping online always try to use your own computer and a private Wi-Fi network. If you only have access to a public computer or public Wi-Fi we recommend using a VPN.

FixMeTip 3: If It’s Too Good To Be True It Probably Is – these offers are usually a scam so be skeptical if you see an ad or pop up for a really good deal.

FixMeTip 4: Use Verified Links – make sure the link is correct, and it should always have “https” at the start!

FixMeTip 5: Research – check out the product’s original website to ensure legitimacy of the brand and to compare original prices/regular sales.

FixMeTip 6: Test Your Knowledge With Our Phishy Deals Quiz – will you fall for these fake online shopping scams?

FixMeTip 7: Beware of Counterfeit Products – while shopping on sites such as Amazon, be sure to only purchase from authorized sellers. To do that, look for the notice “Ships and Sold by Amazon” or “Sold by (company name) and Fulfilled by Amazon”.


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Deal #3 – NordVPN

Get secure and private access to the Internet no matter where you are or what device you’re using. A VPN is like a hack proof tunnel so that no one can get their hands on your Internet data.

For example, if you’re purchasing something this Prime Day make sure no one sees the sites you go to, your credit card or billing information. Check out our exclusive NordVPN deal for some hefty savings!

Be sure to share this article with a friend to keep them safe and let them in on these sweet deals. Happy shopping!


  1. Marliechubb -

    I fill out the form for NordVPN deal and I received no respond after I fill out my credit card and order on Monday 11:26 A.M.
    Did I get my purchase?
    Thank You

  2. Joanne Sevigny -

    Thank you for this really important 3 minute read, I bookmarked this page for a re-fresher read.

    • Linda -

      Hi Joanne, you’re welcome! We are glad you found this blog useful!

  3. Carol C Dixon -

    I am a AMAZON PRIME client and very careful who I buy from. I check REVIEWS and has been a big help in not buying a product. I am also a WALMART online shopper and very happy. I know someday I will not be able to drive so online makes it easier.

    • Linda -

      Hi Carol, thanks for sharing your online shopping experience with us! It’s great to see that you already know to check reviews before you purchase a product.

  4. Victoria M Grier -

    Everytime I use the stick my laptop says not connected to the internet and my laptop is connected to the internet. Is the stick still protecting my laptop?


    When I use my stick it always says not connected to internet and I am connected. Is it still work and doing its job?

    • Linda -

      Hi Barbara, sometimes the FixMeStick has trouble detecting an internet connection during a scan. You can learn more about how to troubleshoot this issue here. If you are still having trouble with this issue, we can be reached at

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