Why You Should Always Update Your Software

McAfee is urging its users to update their programs to counter a security flaw. Recent reports revealed a serious security vulnerability in McAfee’s software. This vulnerability, known as CVE-2019-3648, can be used to bypass McAfee’s security mechanisms, inevitably leading to more serious attacks on your computer! Keep reading to be informed.

Attackers Will Exploit the Error and Upload Malware

The flaw can be linked back to an error which allows users to load a DLL file from an alternative file path. Initially, while this may seem harmless, hackers can exploit this flaw and upload their own malicious DLL file – and due to the security flaw, the file will automatically upload without having been checked. 

Essentially, the flaw allows hackers to load and apply their own files while using McAfee as a disguise, effectively bypassing any security measures you have in place, and potentially taking control over your computer. Though reports indicate that attackers need to have administrator access to utilize this flaw, once they do gain access they are able to fully exploit your computer using the McAfee system. 

What Can Be Done to Fix the Flaw

While a total of three McAfee tools (Total Protection, Anti-Virus Plus, and Internet Security) have been impacted by the vulnerability, McAfee has since released an update to resolve the security flaw under the name Version 16.0.R22 Refresh 1. While McAfee products typically automatically update, users can also visit their product site to manually download the update.

Why Staying Updated is So Important for Your Safety

Having to constantly deal with update pop-ups can be a bit of a pain – but they’re always there for a good reason. Annoying as they may be, updates serve to patch any errors in your applications, making sure that hackers can’t use malware to take advantage of the vulnerabilities that come up

Most harmful malware attacks will take advantage of the applications that haven’t been updated in a while – big ones to keep track of are your operating systems and browsers, which are always being updated to keep up with the constant stream of errors popping up. The longer you wait to update, the more time you’re giving to potential malware.  

With that being said, it’s time to stop procrastinating and get up-to-date on your updates! A few minutes out of your day will save you a lot of hassle and hair-pulling in the future.

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    What can we do if we have Apple tablets what kind of work can you run in that

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      Hi there! You can, and should, still upgrade the software of your tablet. Normally these updates are put through automatically! Click here for other tips on how to keep your tablet secure and virus-free,.

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      Hi John! Our support team would be happy to help you with troubleshooting and updating your FixMeStick. You can contact them directly HERE.

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