6 Tips to Work from Home Effectively

With the pandemic keeping people at home for the next little while, it means a lot of us will have to find a way to stay productive and comfortable while we work from home. As companies like Google and Apple extend their work-from-home policies until September, working remotely will likely remain a staple in the modern day work environment.Working remotely comes with many perks: you can work from your couch  and maybe when it warms up, even on your patio. It’s also been shown to make employees happier and less stressed which translates into empowered staff and better work. As we continue to work from home, we have 6 tips for how to work from home effectively.

1. Be PreparedMake sure you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection and confirm you have access to any database, file or email you need. Don’t underestimate the importance of organization– it really boosts productivity and helps you de-stress. But if you’re a little forgetful (like me), consider downloading TeamViewer. It’s an easy-to-use program that allows you to access any computer remotely.

2. Communicate – When you’re in the office it’s beneficial to see and run into your coworkers– for a quick chat or to confirm some information. When you’re working remotely, it’s still important to be connected to your colleagues. It’s important to foster this sense of community even if you’re not in the office. At FixMeStick, we use Slack to communicate with each other, and even had a holiday party on Zoom! 

3. Dress the part – Would you go to work in your PJs? Probably not. If you’re working from home you still need to be disciplined with respect to your routine. Wearing PJs all day just makes you want to sit on the couch and do nothing. It’s not exactly the productive mindset your employers are looking for. Maintain your status as an effective team member by starting with your outfit.

4. Have a work area – Although working on your couch under some blankets seems great, it is unlikely you’ll be very productive under there. Creating a comfortable work station makes you more efficient. But you can also view this as an opportunity to get creative with your work space in a way you may not be able to at the office.

5. Take breaks – It’s not fun or healthy to work 8 straight hours. Give yourself short breaks, take a quick walk, prepare and eat a nice lunch – in the long run this will make you more energetic.

6. Make sure it’s the right fit – Working from home can seem like a dream but you need to be capable of self-direction and time management. If you’re easily distracted, you may find you need the office environment to get things done. For those of you missing your offices here’s hoping we can all get back to them in 2021!

If working remotely is part of your company culture and it’s the right fit with your personality it can be a refreshing experience. It eliminates the commute, you can be more efficient and even multi-task. If you’re stuck at home today, why not run a FixMeStick scan on your home computer while you work off your company PC.

Don’t have a FixMeStick? Try it today! There’s no better time to make sure your computers are virus free than while you’re working from home!

You can learn more about the FixMeStick here!


  1. James P urdy -

    Great product, glad I have it, nice to have a safe feeling.

    • Jonathan -

      Hi James,

      I’m glad to hear that you’re getting some good use out of your StartMeStick!

      If you ever run into any questions or concerns down the line, please feel free to reach out to us!

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Paul,

      If you’re looking to run a factory upgrade on your FixMeStick, you can follow the instructions located here.

      However if you’re still running into difficulty, I suggest reaching out to us at support@fixmestick.com!

  2. Clarence Crane -

    I tried fixmestick the other day and it run through ok,but then the computer went black,I cant seem to get into anything,any suggestions

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Clarence,

      There are a number of factors that could be impacting your current situation. However, to properly assess what the issue may be, we’ll need more information.

      In this case, I suggest sending as an email detailing the situation. You can reach us at support@fixmestick.com!

  3. Dennis Mumby -

    I’m able to access wifi on my Mac by downloading the factory update and installing it on the computer. But one of your associates solved that by telling me the website for a factory install download. I saved it then booted up the stick and when it informed me that it couldn’t locate the wifi I said install with the downloaded programme. What is the website for microsoft computers? Check my file and you’ll see that I’ve spent seven hours trying to fix the problem. One of my stick’s # fmskd01104. Tel 5198852262

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Dennis,

      If you’d like to run a factory upgrade on your FixMeStick, you can follow the link here.

      If you run into any further questions, you can always send an email to our support team at support@fixmestick.com, where we’ll be able to troubleshoot further!

      • Chris Sokoloski -

        I recently replaced 3 of my computers. And no longer have the old ones. I am now at max 6. And can’t install fix me stick on my new ones. Without subscribing for more $$. I only have 3 computers. Total.

        • Jonathan -

          Hi Chris,
          Thanks for getting back to me!
          Unfortunately once the Lifetime licenses are effectively used up, you’ll need to purchase additional licenses to run the FixMeStick on a new device.
          If you’re interested in purchasing additional licenses, you can reach us at support@fixmestick.com and we can assist you further!

  4. Joan Curtis -

    have start me stick also windows 10. Should I still use stick?

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Joan,

      Good question! While Windows 10 definitely has better security than Windows 7, there are always factors that can impact the security, privacy, and speed of your Windows 10 computer. In my experience, people often use the StartMeStick as a way to boost their computer’s speed and online privacy, though at the end of the day it’s entirely up to you!

  5. Chris Painting -

    Unfortunately I can not use pc at present as windows 10 update has crashed it so unable to use

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Chris,

      I’m sorry to hear that your computer has crashed! While computer’s usually have a lifespan of 6-8 years, sometimes they can crash unexpectedly. In this case, I would actually recommend trying a StartMeStick to get your computer up and running again! Depending on your computer’s current state, the StartMeStick would be a good product to look into.

      You can read up on the StartMeStick here or email us at support@fixmestick.com for more info.

  6. Anonymous -

    Good to meet you Addie, and information. As we say in Hawaii. Mahalo! Aloha Kakou!

  7. Elmer W Derks -

    I have a FixMeStick for a Windows 7 operating system. I can not get it to work. Because Windows 7 was going out the door and I was starting to have issues with it, I purchased an iMAC (masOS Catalina) PC. I have version 10.15.7 on it currently. After calling about it, I was told that the FixMeStick I have will NOT work on this PC, therefore I have NOT run my FixMeStick for over a year. Are there any updates on this problem?

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Elmer,
      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been running into difficulty with your FixMeStick!
      Unfortunately, your Mac appears to have a fusion drive, which prevents the FixMeStick from properly scanning the computer; at this time, the FixMeStick is not compatible with fusion drive Macs. However, we’re constantly updating our software to be compatible across all devices.

      Regarding your Windows 7 computer, I would actually recommend looking into purchasing a StartMeStick, which may help get the computer up and running again! You can check out the StartMeStick here.

      Let us know if you have any further questions!

  8. Anonymous -

    How do you get the Fixme Stick to update. Mine keeps asking to be plugged in somewhere besides the laptop internet.

  9. Bob -

    Hi, I have a fixmestick , Love it …. I renewed it for 34.95 and it still won’t work!!!!! What’s the problem ???

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Bob,
      It appears as though you previously contacted us to cancel your subscription. To get your FixMeStick up and running, you’d first need to renew the subscription.

      I sent an email to you so we can follow up!

    • Jonathan -

      Hi there,
      I’m sorry to hear that the FixMeStick isn’t running on your computer. In some cases, the FixMeStick requires a bit of troubleshooting to get it up and running.
      I’ve gone ahead and sent a follow up email to you where we can try to troubleshoot the issue further!

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