6 Cybersecurity Lessons We Can Learn from Football

It’s football time! Time to gear up for another Super Bowl the best way we know how – by setting up a stellar cybersecurity game plan! What kind of defense do you have in place?

Despite the ongoing pandemic, there’s typically huge hype around football, especially with the Super Bowl being one of “the largest domestic streaming sports events in history” according to Rick Cordella, Executive Vice President and GM of NBC Sports. This makes it a perfect opportunity for cybercriminals to use football-related threats and phishing techniques to infect your computer and steal your personal data while you try to catch the action.

While your defense is becoming more sophisticated – so are the threats. This year we saw countless data breaches and hacked accounts, as well as ransomware extortion posing an extreme threat to our security. There is no victory parade or off-season for cybersecurity.

In the cybersecurity stadium, where high-fives are rare and there are no end-zone celebrations, here are 6 lessons that football has taught us so we can be victorious online:

Football player diving into the end zone.

Winning is a habit, success is a choice

Make sure your streaming is a success by only streaming from official websites. If you use an illegitimate source you could be exposing yourself to a bombardment of malicious pop up ads looking to infect your computer.

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Better yet, try streaming the game with the StartMeStick! Just like your favourite team, the StartMeStick prioritizes speed and security, making sure your streams are running as fast and secure as they should be.

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Teamwork is key

A championship team wins by having a balanced approach: a strong defense, explosive offense, and opportunistic special teams. The same can be said about cybersecurity – while antivirus is important, it is not invincible. You need to run regular FixMeStick scans, update your passwords often, and don’t forget to back up your files!

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Football quarterback about to throw a pass.

Protect your assets

On any given Sunday, you can guarantee you’ll see any team protecting their quarterback and that football. The team that best protects the quarterback and the ball usually wins. It’s the same with your computer – Who’s your cybersecurity Tom Brady?

Protect your online activity with a VPN – it encrypts all your internet data. Even if someone were able to hack you, the data is made indecipherable with military grade encryption, making it impossible to read and very difficult to access your accounts. Learn more about NordVPN HERE.

Have your special teams ready

Football played jumping over a member of the other team.

In cybersecurity, viruses are as inevitable as hits in a football game. Antivirus programs, like helmets and padding for players, is not enough to fully protect you from your opponent. Malware is now being designed to trick and hide from antivirus programs and other cybersecurity tools, leaving the virus a clear path to the end zone: destruction.

With your FixMeStick, viruses won’t stand a chance. Designed to pick up any threat hiding in the depths of your computer, the FixMeStick is your hidden line of defense even when the odds seem stacked against you.

Winning takes continuous effort

Who remembers the 2020 Super Bowl? You’ll agree that the Kansas City Chiefs fought until the end to win. On your computer it’s tempting to think that running a FixMeStick once is adequate protection. The fact is, cybersecurity has no off days, and that’s why we recommend running a FixMeStick scan once a month. Don’t be afraid to call an audible and run a FixMeStick scan every 2 weeks to make sure you’re secure.

The best offense is a good defense

No one company can protect against the multitude of threats that are emerging everyday. So prepare your defense – update your antivirus, backup your files, and regularly change your passwords.

You can use the StartMeStick as a way to maximize your defense. Designed to make your computer run as smoothly as possible, the StartMeStick always keeps your security and privacy in mind, making sure your computer’s defense is a top priority.

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Just like football, the game of cybersecurity is unpredictable, and the best word of advice is simply to expect the unexpected. You never know what trick the other team has up their sleeve, so it’s best to take the necessary steps in making sure your cybersecurity is as solid as it can be.

What steps are you taking to protect yourself online this Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments below!