6 Cyber Security Mistakes You Probably Don’t Realize You Are Making

Whether you use your computer for playing games or online banking, protect your data and privacy by avoiding these cyber security mistakes.

Related image1. Having the same password for everything – you should always try to have different passwords for everything, although most of us don’t. If you use the same password everywhere, they would have access to everything if you were hacked. Change it up!

Image result for password icon2. Not updating your passwords – different passwords are great, but you should also update them regularly. A simple solution is a password manager, it will change your life! We’ve partnered with Dashlane for this exclusive discount!

Image result for updates icon3. Putting off installing security updates – it can be annoying to update your computer, so often we procrastinate it. But it’s important to install them – they were released to improve the security of your device. Install those updates today!

Image result for click icon4. Clicking questionable links  we know some emails are scams, but some look very real. If you’re ever unsure of the sender, the email address or the link in general – don’t click. It’s an easy way for viruses to sneak onto your computer.

Image result for usb icon5. Using unknown flash drives – you should regularly back up your files, however be careful if you’re using a USB, external drives can be filled with malware so only plug in trusted USBs. We recommend using SOS Online Backup. Get unlimited storage here!

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6. Not reading the terms and conditions – before you click “accept” you should read the terms and conditions. Many programs come bundled with other software you don’t want.  Knowing what you’re installing and accepting is very important.


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