5 Tips To Stay Secure During Internet Safety Month

The U.s Congress, supported by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), has designated June as National Internet Safety Month. Internet Safety Month emphasizes the importance of taking the proper cybersecurity measures while surfing the web, not just in June but all year around.

From Cambridge Analytica to the Russian cyber-attack on routers, we’ve seen our fair share of hacks, scams, and dangerous malware this year. Hackers can strike when you least expect it (typo-squatting, for example), so whether you’re gearing up for a relaxing getaway or spending some care-free time with the kids, make sure you’re staying proactive about your online safety this summer. We’ve got some simple tips for you to stay protected.

1. Secure your devices – using complex and secure passwords is the number one thing you can do to protect yourself online. Dashlane is a password manager that creates strong and unique passwords for every website you use on the regular. And it’s free – click here! You’ll never need to remember or type a password again.

2. Disable Wifi and Bluetooth when you’re not using your devices – these features can give hackers and others open access to your personal data. You can usually find these features in the “settings” section of your device.

3. Download a strong antivirus – McAfee Total Protection shields your computer from threats in real time while you’re online. It even has a very effective firewall feature which acts as a safe-search tool in case of typos or other mistakes that can get you into trouble.

4. Choose your Wi-Fi network carefully – hotspots and public Wi-Fi networks are often unsecured, meaning anyone using the network can see what you’re doing online. Consider getting a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to encrypt your internet activity. This way, even if someone accesses your network, it will make it near impossible to read your browsing data, so you stay secure.

5. Run a FixMeStick scan right now. Make sure your computer is safe by running a monthly FixMeStick scan.

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