5 Data Hacks You Should Be Aware of Right Now

This week has been full of data breaches, so the FixMeStick team compiled a summary to help keep you safe!

It’s terrifying enough having your personal device hacked, but when you’re unaware that your credit card information, driver’s license, and Social Security number have been compromised through third parties, where do you even begin? Who can you trust?

Like in any cybersecurity scenario, it’s important to gather as much information as possible. Once you are informed, some of the paranoia subsides, and rational security measures can be taken. In this next series, we hope to do just that! We are here to protect and inform you.

Here are 5 data breaches you should be aware of right now:

1. Facebook Hack

  • Facebook has been under scrutiny the last couple weeks after admitting to turning a blind eye to the data exploitation of 87 million users.
  • This left a lot of people feeling uneasy and many choosing to #DeleteFacebook. Do you still have a Facebook account?

2. Under Armour Hack

  • It was revealed the popular fitness app, MyFitnessPal, faced a data breach of approximately 150 million user accounts. This caused it to be one of the largest data breaches in history.

3. Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks Off 5th, and Lord & Taylor Hack

  • More than 5 million customers were exposed in this data breach. It’s estimated that 125000 of those customers have already had their credit cards sold on the “dark web” to hackers. The breach has since been contained but this just confirms you need to be extra careful right now.

4. Sears Holding Hack

  • Department store chain Sears Holding and Delta Airlines revealed that one of their service providers was hacked, allowing roughly 100,000 customer credit cards to be exposed.
  • Best Buy had confirmed they use the same service provider and their customers are also affected by this breach.

5. Equifax Hack

  • Between May and July 2017 over 143 million credit records were stolen from this credit agency.
  • It was recently revealed that the breach may have exposed more personal information that originally determined.

If you think there is even a chance you were affected by any of the breaches, you should act quickly: 

  1. Update your passwords everywhere – Dashlane does this for you, and is worth ever penny
  2. Use a credit-monitoring service – most companies affected by a large breach will offer this for free
  3. Make sure your protecting your privacySystem Mechanic wipes sensitive browsing history and blocks dangerous system changes that compromise speed and stability. It also speeds up your slow computer. Try it today!
  4. Run a FixMeStick scan – this may seem unnecessary – with your breached data hackers can gain access to all of your personal information, and that includes your home computer.

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