3 Ways Your Computer’s Hardware Could Be Slowing You Down

Do you miss the days when your computer was brand new and fast? Sometimes clutter builds up in and around your computer and slows it to a snail’s pace. Here’s 3 easy steps to thoroughly clean your computer and having it running faster in no time. 

First, let’s start with the operating system of your computer: 

  • Sometimes viruses hide on your computer and slow it down. FixMeStick boots externally to deep clean malware that goes undetected by most antivirus software. For National Cyber Security Month we’re giving you $10 off a new FixMeStick – try it here before this deal is over. 
  • For everyday maintenance to clear clutter and improve performance consider System Mechanic.  It’s an easy way to stop frustrating errors, crashes, and freezes by clearing junk from your PC to make it work noticeably better. Get it for 50% off now!

Then lets focus on the physical inside of the computer:

  • Often dust builds in your computer’s fan which causes it to overheat and slows performance. First, turn off and unplug your computer. Use compressed air to blow dust away from the fans. Do this every couple months so dust doesn’t build up.

Now turn to the outside…

  • Wipe your screen down with a dry cloth. Then put a little water on it so it’s damp and wipe it again. If there’s still grime use a solution of 50/50 rubbing alcohol and water or water and white vinegar to get it off.
  • For your keyboard, first unplug it. Turn it upside down to get the crumbs out. Use compressed air to clean between the keys. Then wipe it with a cloth dipped in a little water or rubbing alcohol.
  • Finally your mouse, unplug it and wipe down the outside. If your mouse has a ball underneath, be sure to rotate the ball with a cloth.

Wow! Do you even recognize your computer? FixMeStick and System Mechanic make it so simple to have a clean and fast computer. Be sure to take advantage of these great deals today! 


  1. Clayton -

    If FixMeStick work so great, why would I need System Mechanic to do what you’re suppose to do?? I have a FixMeStick already.

  2. Linda Menard -

    Thank you to the Fix Me Stick team.I am happy to be in your care.I also enjoy the help from System Mechanic,to keep my computer running well.I also have the Privacy Protection. I think you are the best.I have dealt with other companies ,but it just seemed I had one problem or another ,especially when they want to renew a contract.They may be good ,but they have a hard time understanding you are serviced by another company and very happy with Fix Me Stick.

    • FixMeStick -

      Hey there Linda, we’re glad to hear you’re satisfied with FixMeStick! Don’t hesitate to reach our if you have any questions about your device or computer.

    • FixMeStick -

      Hey there Gordon, sorry to hear this! Sounds like a clean might do it some good.

  3. Sharon -

    When I bought the fix me stick (from the Shopping Channel) it was supposed to be a lifetime usage for several computers. Is this still in effect?

  4. Lois H Rodgers -

    Hi I have a lifetime membership with FixMeStick ,will I still have to pay for a new stick?

    • FixMeStick -

      Hey there Lois, FixMeStick lifetime subscriptions are for the lifetime of each computer you run it on– you won’t have to purchase an extra USB device, but maybe an extra license. Contact our tech support at support@fixmestick.com or via the livechat on our site, http://www.fixmestick.com we’d be happy to look into this.

  5. Mike Mc Keown -

    I bought FixMeStick a year and a half ago do I need to by a new one every so often

  6. Robert Davi -

    My experience is that sometimes some Registy Files are not properly linked, or linked at all. The overhead of useless Registry Files can have a significant impact.

    In addition, the old DOS CHKDSK program did a much better job of decluttering/optimizing/consolidating files than current, so called Optimizers.
    included in some commercial products.

    – Even when Uneeded/Unused Registry Files are located, how can one tell with certainty that it is safe to remove them?
    – Where can one get a CHKDSK or eqivalent that can really do the job, and safely?

  7. Gerald Smith Finlay -

    I purchased my FixMeStick from TSC when I think you first sold them on TSC, I thought it was life? I am wondering why you are trying to sell me another one, has it changed because I sometimes have a little trouble getting it started on my Desktop computer.
    I also thought it cleans up everything when I do run it? You are now trying to sell “System Machanic” for your information I do not use Facebook or Twitter I do not see any reason for me to.
    Finally I do not use (gsfram@aol.com) Email anymore I use gsfrab@gmail.com will you please change it in your records, thank you.

    • FixMeStick -

      Hey there Gerald, we can confirm your FixMeStick is a lifetime subscription if you purchased from TSC. If ever you have trouble getting it started contact us at support@fixmestick.com or via livechat on http://www.fixmestick.com. We shared this information about System Mechanic because it’s different from FixMeStick, System Mechanic deals more with OS problems like cleaning your registry or decluttering your disks.

  8. Alexander Lee -

    Recently I purchased two of your sticks from HSN and I was hoping it was going to clean out my current computer.

    I have been able to have one of my FixItStick do its thing on my old computer with Windows XP and it cleaned whatever was slowing it down. Or at least it ran on it.

    But I have yet to be able to have it clean out my current computer with an I5 cpu with 8 GB of ram running Windows 10. It just will not begin to start cleaning the computer. It did an update but that is about all it will do. What kind of suggestions do you have that will help me see if my current computer is being slowed down by hidden evil things?

    I sure would like to know that my purchase of 2 of your sticks was not in vain!

    I will patiently wait to hear from you with a suggestion(s) as to what I can do so your product will clean out my current computer.

    Thank you and you have a great day!

    Alexander Lee

  9. Lorne Pollard -

    When restarting my laptop from a cold start takes forever to reboot my laptop to the welcome screen. Also when I click on a place of interest I’m always getting a small window that pops up right where I’m trying to work, like I right click, any suggestions?

  10. John Meekings -

    My Fixmestick I was told was a once only requirement for life.
    You know when I use it & update it, so why do I need to pay for a new one?

    • FixMeStick -

      Hey there John, you don’t need to pay for a new FixMeStick if you can use the one you have on all your computers!

  11. Elfreda McNair -

    I have both of these systems and still runs slow frequently and often freezes up.

    • FixMeStick -

      Hey there Elfreda, sorry to hear this! Do you know how much RAM you have on your computer? A low amount of RAM will cause your computer to run slow no matter how clean it is. Contact support@fixmestick.com if you’d like to ask us.

  12. Val -

    I bought my Fix Me Stick in October of 2016 Installed it in my computer. That computer has gone to the happy hunting ground. I have a new computer. Can this device be used on my new computer as advertised or do I need to update it somehow? The FMS device I possess has the inscription FMSHX 1750 on the side.

  13. JKMc -

    The current speed of this computer does not please me but without FixMeStick this thing would have gone into the pond long ago. FMS came with it but I got a slow start here and thus, it and I went south fast.

    Now I have FixMeDtick for life and 3 more devises I can apply it to.

    Sounds about right to me.

    Thanks, FixMeStick.

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